Mac Miller – Get Up

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  1. Mac hope you read this because im trying to go big like you in this rap game. I just made this up and have more in my phone if you like it hit me up 3175238436
    “I’m Wes Tucker the greatest mutha fucker on the mic pass me the pipe we getting high high as a fucking kite till we die so don’t even try to be cool you dumbass fool. Rollin da paper fuck you haters. I’m some thing like a dictator got so much flavor we got all that paper. Ever night doin a show stacking the dough blown the dro. With so many hoes wanting to get dirty sorry if I’m getting wordy with my flow it’s cuz of all that dro I blow so let’s go get some more bottle our games on full throttle. Dude I’m am a upcoming greatest this shit should be X rated so fuck all you haters. Cuz we be gettin that paper. Still Rollin up the planes for this weed game we ant never gonna change so if wanna smoke my weed just give me a ring on my cellular this shit is nebular. Girls will blow up my phone cuz they wanna give some dome right in my home. “

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