The TurNup with @itsaPROBLEM at @Key_Club: #Mollywood2 (PHOTOS)

LA rapper, Problem, once again set it off at The Key Club on Friday night. Anytime the house DJ, B.Original, played a beat of Problem’s in between opening acts, the crowd quickly re-amped. A packed crowd was already anxious for him by 10 PM, and although the openers were good, most were already focused for the main act.

While the media considers Problem one of the hottest rappers to watch right now, all hoods of So.Cal have been bumping his grind at house parties for a while now. It’s the music for functions. To strengthen his hustle, Problem started a music group freshly known as Diamond Lane. So, when he stepped out on the stage Friday night shouting “Put your L’s up“, he was representing with a full crew.

Lights dimmed low, Diamond Lane crew slowly packed the stage, then Problem jumped out, …and with dope style: True Religions, YSL belt, classic Timberlands, and custom Levi’s jacket (no shirt). The ladies went crazy. After 2 songs, Bad Lucc popped out heavy from behind his crew, and together him and Problem performed “Rollin.” This song became one of my favorite joints off the mixtape since I heard it at HardKnock TV’s 7th year Anniversary Party where they performed it, so you know I was in my groove mode!

After “Rollin”, Problem was boiling up. He left the stage, Bad Lucc told the DJ to stop, and then Problem revived a few minutes later with a new wardrobe. Things were all good after that.

About 15 songs in, Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” came on, roses were passed out to screaming ladies in the crowd and Problem sang it to his girl in sleek black tights and 6-inch heels. Then Problem made a hilarious transition from smooth Mr. Ocean to his raw new hit, “Take Ya Tights Off”. And everyone at that venue snapped back to his/hers initial, intended element of the night.

Another jam of mine he played was “I’m Fucked Up”, which is the single that put him on the radio, (“I’m Toe Up” version). Back in ’08 at USC, all house parties and fraternities blared this. Ha! The South Central Trojans do love them some Problem. Anyway, that brought back some good times, so I was vibing.

After performing “Mollywood 2” and about 30 other songs from his collective mixtapes, Problem ended the night with his latest hit “Function”. The crowd riled up again, the lights came on, and people lingered around hoping to hop on the next venture for the night. “Girrrrrl, where the after party?”

The Roxy next door had just finished with a rock show, so the crowd outside that venue intermingling with Problem’s crowd was an entertaining sight of mixed genres. All was diverse and lively down Sunset Blvd. #TurNup!

If you haven’t yet, you can Download Welcome to Mollywood 2 at

-Celeste (@cellyonthetelly)



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