New Short Film (Review): Visuals for “Same Love”, by @Macklemore and @RyanLewis


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dropped a short, bold film for their single “Same Love” off their forthcoming album, The Heist! The film is 7-minutes of witnessing a gay man’s life of “joy and painsunshine and rain” (Rob Base couldn’t explain the complex life any simpler). The visuals first introduce viewers to the glare from a hospital light in use during the process of a woman giving birth. The camera then focuses on the baby’s feet to depict the importance of his fresh, delicate skin, yet unmodified by contaminating kind.

The camera goes on to follow pieces of the boy’s young life experiences: playing football with his supportive dad, struggling with “spin the bottle“, confused at the school dance, bringing his boyfriend to meet his parents, then unaccepted by his supportive father. Even through the tough parts in his lifetime, the baby boy still stands by his attraction to love as he knows it. For that bravery, he wins. As depicted in the video, in the end, Love is by his bedside, holding him…supporting him in the same (hospital) light his mother once held him under with that same feel.

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Same Love, and M&RL, are in support of marriage equality and approving Ref 74 in Washington State, which allows for same sex marriage. All proceeds from the sale of Same Love have gone to the fight for marriage equality in WA State. 

Let’s get it together.

-Celeste (@cellyonthetelly)



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