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Andre 3000 Interview with GQ

In recent years, we’ve only heard Andre 3000 on remixes of songs by artists that we’re surprised Dre’s even heard of. He’s the music industry’s Bobby Fischer, only he’s undefeated (and a better dresser)....

Big Boi – The Crown Life 0

Big Boi – The Crown Life

Here’s a short documentary to celebrate Big Boi’s partnership with Crown Royal Black, and it shows some pretty huge moments in his life. 10 minutes spent very well. —Campano

Big Boi “The Crown Life” (Trailer) 0

Big Boi “The Crown Life” (Trailer)

To celebrate Crown Royal Black’s partnership with Big Boi, a short documentary will be droppin next week highlighting his Grammy weekend, his studio life, and a night out on the town in Atlanta. —Campano