Mac Miller talks Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell, Waka Flocka, Donald Trump, Haters

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  1. Mac hope you read this and could help me out on getting started like you. I just made this up I got a couple other ones in my phone. If you ever read this and like it. Hit me up 317 5238436.
    ” Tryin to change this game don’t have fame but I got a name its wes some day going be the  best feelin like I got S on my chest man I’m so blessed to kill it on this verse you bitched are get worse I’m not a doctor but here’s the nurse she heal where it hurts. Cuz I’m kickin your ass now pass the grass. Stay fly so don’t even try your gonna trip an fall I’mma get the ball an score your girl is a freaky whore meet her next door she blew me an barley knee me I think her name was Judy she had a nice booty. Don’t have millions but someday I’ll be stacking billions to add to the trillions. Bill gates be say he had Cake in his bank to bake for your skank so what we drank wait I can’t think hold on you just got rolled on bitch I’m gettin rich so fuck you haters an who doubt me sorry if I’m getting mouthy “

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