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Goapele – Play (Video) 0

Goapele – Play (Video)

After a six-year hiatus on a journey through motherhood and life outside of music, Goapele has returned with the sensual single, “Play”. The song features production from Oakland based duo, Teddy Thunderbolt & Dan...

Jay-Z & Kanye West- Gotta Have It 0

Jay-Z & Kanye West- Gotta Have It

[youtube] Overall this album is pretty dope. Not THE dopest I’ve heard but its up there. Been bumping this one and a couple others all day <3AK


Restructuring the Game: Hip Hop vs. NBA

The grass roots of Hip Hop grow deep within Ballers of every generation. It’s the bass bumping in our oversized headphones before game time, it’s the echo of “Bring ‘em out” pumping through the...

Moe Green- Exclamation Point! (Mp3) 0

Moe Green- Exclamation Point! (Mp3)

Exclamation Point by Moe Green With love, from the bay. Off his Rocky Maivia mixtape Moe Green’s consistent lyricism will be a crucial factor for the Bay sound to emerge from the rubble that...


Tupac or Biggie?

An amazing airbrushed piece depicting two of hip hop’s most influential legends. Their stories continue to live on through our speakers whether your bumping them from your iPods/Pads/Touches, stereos and television screens. This masterpiece...

Alien Girl (Today with Her)- Kendrick Lamar 0

Alien Girl (Today with Her)- Kendrick Lamar

[youtube] I present to you another universal truth from the depths of the matrix of innerspace; LOVE! K Dot is not just another point on the grid. His music speaks volumes and his...