Wyclef on How Relationship with Lauryn Hill Influenced The Score + Much More

Wyclef Jean and Nick Huff Barili of Hard Knock TV sit down at SXSW for in-depth conversation about Wyclef’s career. In part 3, Wyclef talks about how the energy from his relationship with Lauryn Hill shaped the making of The Score. “The best music is always created when it’s based from fact of truth. That’s the only way the public can relate to it. So when you put yourself out there…This is your therapy…This don’t really come from me. Stevie Wonder was doing it long before me. Ray Charles was doing it way before me. Prince…Because of the relationship it definitely added to a certain emotion that wouldn’t be there. Inside The Score, you can listen from beginning to end, there is an undertone that you feel going on”. Wyclef also elaborates on what he meant when he called Ms Hill his muse and creative chariot in his autobiography ‘Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story’. Clef goes on to talk about making the transition from The Fugees to his solo album The Carnival. Part 3 includes much more from Wyclef talking about his creative process (writing songs in the shower) to working in the studio with Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina to collaborating with Dizzy Wright. Check out the video for much more. We are just getting started. Tune in Friday for part 4 of Nick’s conversation with Wyclef!