Wu-Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing

Wu-Tang Clan (give or take a few members) slangs the warrior style on their new track “Six Directions of Boxing”. The track is featured on the soundtrack of RZA’s upcoming film, The Man With The Iron Fists. While the soundtrack drops on October 23, the film itself is out November 2nd. The cast consists of big names Lucy Liu, Russell Crowe, Cung Lee, and the obvious RZA, to name a few. If you’re interested in copping the former, which you obviously should be, you have two choices:

A $35 purchase containing:
-5 CDs: The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack Album, Score Album, Soundtrack Instrumental Album and the 2 CD set- Iron Fists Chronicles CD, a 24 track compilation of original soul and funk tracks from the vaults of Stax Records that inspired the Score of The Man With The Iron Fists and the classic sound of the Wu-Tang Clan
-An original 18″ by 24″ film poster
-Digital Download of the entire 70 track set! Limited Edition of 700 sets worldwide

OR, you can buy the premier package for $85 which includes:
-5 CDs: 1. The Soundtrack album on CD, personally autographed by The RZA, 2. The Score CD, 3. The Limited Edition Soundtrack Instrumental CD, 4. The 2CD set IRON FIST CHRONICLES, a 24 track, 2CD compilation of original soul and funk tracks that inspired the score to the film and the classic sound of the Wu-Tang Clan
-Super Limited, Hand Silk-Screen Double Colored Vinyl version of the Soundtrack Album, plus a Bonus 7″ Vinyl Single
-2 posters: the Original Film Poster (18″x24″) and the Limited Iron Fists Tour Poster (11″x17″)
-Only 300 sets worldwide

Either way, the soundtrack and film are bound to be a recipe for Wu greatness. With RZA behind the directing and Kanye and the Black Keys featured on the soundtrack, such is inevitable. If you don’t believe me, let the track below be the proof of the pudding.

“Six Directions of Boxing”



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