Wiz Khalifa Talks O.N.I.F.C, Cam’Ron, Mary 3x, Snoop, Mobb Deep

Wiz Khalifa sat down with Nick Huff Barili at last weekends Smokeout festival for an exclusive Hard Knock TV interview. This is Part 2. Wiz talks about the meaning behind his new album O.N.I.F.C and the reference to Mobb Deep’s H.N.I.C. along with finally getting to work with Cam’Ron, who Wiz says along with Snoop is his favorite rapper. Wiz continues by sharing some of the game he soaked up from working with Snoop. And explains why he only smokes Mary Jane and NOTHING else.
We apologize for the less than perfect audio. The microphone that we had on Wiz disconnected when he put it in his pockets so we had to use backup audio for interview which picked up a lot of the festivals sound. For the real fans that make it through the interview you will see that Wiz speaks very candidly about key topics.

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