Terry “TK” Kennedy talks Lupe beef, being called white boy + skate footage

www.hardknock.tv Hard Knock Tv’s Mark Anthony Jenkins and Nick Huff Barili caught up with Terry Kennedy recently at a local skate park. In this interview TK explains how he got his nick name ‘Compton Ass Terry” even though he is from Long Beach, how his brother used to call him white boy for skateboarding and how he used to keep his skateboard at this friends house cause he knew their would be problems with people on the block. TK goes on to say that his issues with Lupe Fiasco have been resolved and that he learned that you can’t take everything personal. We laced the interview with Skateboarding footage of TK and his team skating at the Sherman oaks skate part. Make sure to check out part 2 of our interview with TK where he talks about who he thinks is the best skateboarder in the world, exclusively at www.hardknock.tv

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