Tech N9ne talks Hopsin, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Dre, "See Me", Rumors + More

In part 3 Tech addresses rumors that Wiz Khalifa dissed Hopsin on his track “See Me”. Tech explains that Wiz is not talking about anyone is particular when he talks about a rapper with contact lenses and that people are jumping to the wrong conclusions. Tech goes on to say that he wanted to sign Hopsin to Strange Music but that he is not upset that Hopsin decided to do his own thing instead. Tech also states that he is currently working on a track with Hopsin and with Dizzy Wright. As the interview continues Tech shares a story of how Mac Dre came to a strip club Tech was running in Kansas City and expressed that he wanted to work with Tech. Later when Tech found out Mac Dre (RIP) had been shot he couldn't believe it and called up Yukmouth to confirm. Tech was not only sadden by the news but was even more distraught to hear that Mac Dre had kids he left behind. Because Mac Dre was shot in Kansas City people associated it with Tech and turned a couple of Tech's promo vans over in the Bay Area. After a year not going to the Bay to do shows Tech decided that he had too many people in the Bay and started doing shows again. Tech says that fans still show love for Mac Dre all over the world when he plays a tribute to him during his shows.

We are just getting started; we talked to Tech N9ne for an hour. Part four will be up Wednesday.


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