Talib Kweli and Hi-tek talk early years of Kanye West’s career

www.hardknock.tv Hard Knock Tv’s Devi Dev and Nick Huff Barili talk to Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek talk about the early years of Kanye West’s career. From Kanye opening up for Kweli to labels not wanting to sign him as a rapper. Kweli says that people didn’t see Kanye’s vision as an artist and just wanted his beats. Kweli says that he knew “College Drop Out” was a classic when he first heard it. Hi-Tek adds that Kanye is a genius in the same way that Dr Dre is. I personally remember getting the white label vinyl of “Through The Wire” “Two Words” that Kanye paid to press up himself because at that time Def Jam and The Roc weren’t pushing him out. I also remember being at the Def Jam office’s in NY (during CMJ) with the Rap Attack DJ’s telling them that they needed to get behind that record because we were all getting great feedback at our college radio stations. Ye’ has come a long way since then! -NHB For more on Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek) check out www.hardknock.tv.

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