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eLZhi – It Ain’t Hard To Tell

Off El’s tribute to Nas’ Illmatic, called Elmatic. If Nas is listening I don’t think he’d have any complaints what the man is doing. He’s got a great delivery and knows that to do...

Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean – She 0

Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean – She

http://vimeo.com/24633624 Like every video from Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future, this one is a dope track accompanied by some interesting visuals. Never a disappointment. You can find it on Tyler’s debut album, GOBLIN....

Emilio Rojas ft. Killer Mike – FTW 0

Emilio Rojas ft. Killer Mike – FTW

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-HXkhma22s&feature=player_embedded#at=39 Life Without Shame is full of tracks as good as this. Listen to his wordplay and storytelling ability, it gets me every time. Mike Bigga destroys it too. —Campano


Kids These Days – Summerscent

Despite their young age, this group has been progressively increasing their buzz over the past months. Their Hard Times EP will be available online June 28th, and if


Wale ft. Tiara Thomas – The Cloud

Even with all this MMG chaos with Self Made in stores now, Wale still brought out one of my favorite tracks off his More About Nothing mixtape from last year. —Campano