Supernatural or Not, 7evenThirty Warns Us To “Get Down”

I guess it is up to the listeners to decide if 7evenThirty lives up to his unearthly reputation. Having been called “the microphone extra-terrestrial” and deemed “too raw for this planet”, this Jackson, Mississippi native drops a futuristic dose of funk and rhyme on his latest release “Get Down”. The track is featured on 7evenThirty’s upcoming Mello Music Group EP, “Heaven’s Computer”, due out September 25. “Produced by some homie overseas…some Obie-Wan Kenobi” aka the “Swedish beat wizard” Erik L, “Get Down” delivers a dirty south drawl with a punchy, up-tempo twist and lyrics to back it up. Having a chorus like “Get up/ Get down/ Get up out my face n***a”, that better be the case. Take a listen for yourself and let us know if you think 7evenThirty is just as supernatural as they say he is.

Click here to listen to “Get Down”



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