"Stay Calm" and Move Forward with @TheLytics (New Single)

On what I've read, a microphone broke in the house of the 5-member crew The Lytics ,someone picked it up, and there the story manifested into a talented rap crew aka funhouse. From having opened up for Mac Miller to performing in their hometown jazz festival and now utilizing traditional pop sounds, it's apparent The Lytics' music style is 1) easily approachable and 2) aims to diversify their recurring boom bap sound from previous years for their upcoming album.

It's been a couple of years since their debut album, so it's fair to say this Canadian hip-hop crew is ready to approach the new album with literally a little bit of everything in terms of sound design. And, for that reason, their new single “Stay Calm“, caught my attention. See, in current time, where music is more universal than ever before, I grew up exposed to an array of music genres, like many of you – listening to Animal Collective and DJ Quik at the same damn time! Ok – wait, more like back to back, but you get my drift. It's refreshing to hear this indie-rock fuzed single and recognize new hip-hop sub-genres being created. Keep moving dope gentlemen. “Stay humble Stay easy.”

Watch Below: The Lytics casually rehearse for the Big Fun show in their hometown, Winnipeg, Canada.

The Lytics sophomore album, They Told Me, drops October 16th.

-Celeste (@cellyonthetelly)




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