The Shoe Surgeon x <3 AK

If your shoe game starts slippin’ you’ll be sure to fall but lucky for you HardKnock TV is here to catch you. We’ve paged The Shoe Surgeon to get you stitched up in proper Hip Hop fashion, back on your feet and into the game without missing a beat.

 As his reputation soars to new heights and collaborations come knocking on his garage door, The Shoe Surgeon’s cutting edge approach is pulling him up by the boot straps and leaving his frayed past on the cutting room floor.

Step into the maniacally, wacky realm of The Shoe Surgeon and take a walk in his shoes as we dissect the ups and downs of a man’s artwork that skips to its own tune.

He knows high tops and is all too familiar with the lows. After hitting the ultimate abyss at age 24, Dominic Chambrone, the man behind the moniker The Shoe Surgeon, impulsively decided to take a leap of faith out of his two-story window onto the cold concrete driveway outside of his Santa Rosa, California home on a quiet Winter morning. Prior to his suicide attempt the Doc seemed on top of the world while filling orders of custom Android Homme’s out of his dim-lit garage for iconic clients like Justin Bieber and attracting the creative eyes of trendsetters like Will.I.AM.  

Before being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in March 2011, Dominic was known around Northern California for his obsession with fashion. He had been customizing shoes for his friends since his high school days in 2003 and kept himself fitted with the cleanest kicks (and the occasional classic pair of dirty Chucks or Vans). As fate would have it Dominic walked away physically unscathed from the 20 foot drop but the emotional scars cut deep as the reality of a future filled with endless internal conflict continued to surface once the meds wore off.

At the young age of 25, Dom is learning to channel his temporary highs into a creative muse while still struggling with the lows of depression on a constant basis. Currently expanding his craftsmanship in cobbling and design with a style all his own, The Shoe Surgeon’s keen eye for dopeness and throwback technique is adding a contemporary twist to an age old craft. The authenticity of his work can be seen in the seams of each pair of shoes he customizes to the depths of the soles that he cobbles. With every intricate detail his emotional vulnerability is translated into masterpieces proudly rocked by a chosen few.


To view or purchase custom Shoe Surgeon sneakers (pictured above) in the flesh stop by H. Lorenzo’s boutique shoe shop off of Sunset Boulevard or check into Supra’s headquarters at Factory413 where my personal favorite pair is housed (not pictured) in Los Angeles… And remember to keep checking in with us at Hard Knock TV through Facebook and Twitter to stay up on your Hip Hop game from head to toe. <3 AK


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