@ShadRobinson Speaks and Evokes (“1989” + “Dear Sarah” Music Video)


Introducing young and rising talent, Shad Robinson:

This young man has been through a lot to fear vulnerability. It’s his time to let his life experiences make the best of him. And that’s what reinvigorates; listening to someone who has gone through some stuff I have, but ensures the light is ahead with a powerful beat and uplifting spit. I can feel in my soul the close connection he carries from his stories on 1989 album. Artists like him and Tito Lopez are pushing forward so passionately, representing all good-blooded listeners ‘raised from scratch’.

With each of his music videos, Robinson depicts the life situations that bring out the worst in people. Each video follows a falling character and their ongoing pain. 1989 got me guessing that the pregnant woman getting beat up by her man is Robinson’s mom. Robinson felt all consequences during that abuse, and, 21 years later out of that womb, he is letting all that anger go.

Dear Sarah,

I ain’t heard from you in a while

Dear Sarah,

Wipe your eyes and fight. Just believe it should be fine alright

His song, Dear Sarah, is indeed about his friend Sarah whose mom is in the hospital with unpaid bills. I can speak for Sarah in some sense, and I’m sure most of us can. There’s times in life where we just do not want to be around people. Tough times got us stressed out, and it’s not that there is anything wrong from who we’re not keeping in touch with – it’s just that we don’t want to bring anyone else down in the ‘hole’ we’re in. But in the video, Sarah gets Robinson’s letter, and a new spirit comes to life for a bit. If you’re in a similar situation, consider this your letter. Lift up, kid.

Overcoming situations touches a lot of relatable souls when poets like Robinson are able to share it in the most vivid, heartfelt way. Keep going, Shad Robinson, keep going…

You can download Shad Robinsons album 1989 at shadrobinson.bandcamp.com

-Celeste (@cellyonthetelly)



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