Scarface talks Andre 3000, Ice Cube, Hip Hop Growing Up, Regrets, Losing Weight, Reinventing Himself

Exclusive in-depth interview with Scarface. In part 1 Facemob talks to Nick Huff Barili about:
1. Losing weight and wanting to re-invent himself. “Scarface was beautiful. The time that I spent as that MC was great but now its time to bury that guy. This is the new me. And at the end of the day I hope you find a new you.”
2. Says Andre 3000 is Prince (Roger Nelson) of Hip Hop. “He is one of those kids that can do no wrong.”
3. Speaks on Hip Hop needing to grow. “I’ve addressed trying to be the big kid in the sandbox…I’m not going to do that. The kids going to do what the kids do…Turn the fuck up. But at some point you are going to have to turn down. And reality is going to have to strike. If I tell you I have done both, you have to believe me bro. I have started at the very bottom and went to the very top…and back and forth my whole life.”
4. Face gives advice: “I know to some of the youth, they don’t believe that tomorrow will get here, but just in case it decides to come, remember its only a day away. Be prepared for that day away.”
5. Opens up about his memoirs and about how he career consumed him: “I sucked as a grandson, a son, a husband, a father, an uncle, a homeboy or whatever I could have been to somebody. Because what I did in my business consumed everything that I was or everything that I could have been.” Face adds “It has always taken control of my life, the music.”
6. Facemob talks about “Hot Seat” a new song on his album Deeply Rooted. He says he “Bit” Ice Cube’s line from “Today Was A Good Day” in it. Face also calls Ice Cube one of his idols.

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