Rza talks 36 Chambers, OdB, Liquid Swords 2, Iron Fist, RZA burger

www.HardKnock.tv Hard Knock tv’s Devi Dev talks to RZA about performing Enter the Wu-Tang Clan- 36 Chambers in its entirety at Rock The Bells this year with all of Wu-Tang. Bobby Digital says that Odb’s son could perform his parts or maybe they will have feature guest MCs perform his parts. RZA lets us in on his secret about the RZA burger, which he eats between two ego waffles?! RZA also shares that he has taken Odb’s son under his wings to mentor him and stay connect to Odb’s spirit. Lastly RZA mentions that he has a movie coming out called Iron Fist and that him and GZA are working on Liquid Swords 2. For more check out www.hardknock.tv

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