Residente (Calle 13) Talks New Album, Guerra, Impact of ADD, Latinoamerica + Much More

René Pérez Joglar aka Residente of the legendary Latin group Calle 13 sat down with Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili for an hour conversation as part of SXSW’s keynote interview series. Part 2 starts with Residente sharing that he has 4 types of ADD (attention deficit disorder) and how he has learned to used them to his benefit as an artist but how it was hard to focus in school because of them. He also talks about how being impulsive has both been an asset and caused him to regret saying some things with out fully thinking them out. As the interview continues, Residente talks about why he decided to go solo on his new album instead of putting out another album with his group Calle 13 at the height of their success. He also explains how taking a DNA test inspired him to do an album and documentary traveling to countries and tracing his roots while working with local musicians. Residente states that the music industry is saturated with big name collaborations which is why he instead wanted to celebrate local artists who go unnoticed by the industry. Language was one of the main challenges in working with musician from around the world, Rene describes what that was like as well as how he went about getting artists from war-torn countries to collaborate on the same track.

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