Posdnuos speaks on The Roots Vs De La Soul

www.hardknock.tv Track Listing 01 Intro 02 Life N’ Longevity 03 Tracks Twice Blessed 04 Independence to Grammy Love 05 Ultimate Battle (De La vs The Roots) 06 Mos Def Interlude 07 Industry vs. Incense 08 Hyphy Collabo??? 09 Vacancy 10 Co-Signin’ 11 Outro “Davey D catches up with Posdnuos to talk about the formation of De La Soul, the Gorillaz, and what would happen if De La went head to head with the Legendary Roots Crew. [Black] Thought would kick my ass haha! Then at the 4:35 mark, Mos Def interjects to express his love for Stakes is High; which leads to Pos to talk about the industry in 2009 and more.” 2dopeboyz

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