[Photos + Thoughts] @RobertRaimonRoy At @TheRoxy #LeTigreBlanc

So last Sunday (Oct. 14) I headed to The Roxy. I made it right on time to see Robert Raimon Roy perform and hustled a better deal on sketchy cheap parking. Yup, saving a dollar and .15 cent/s one experience at a time!
RRR came spiffy in a classic black-tie suit, and it resonated well with the business he was about to spit. He sang with prime funk, coolness, confidence, and every other adjective that goes along with witty translation. [I’ve only recently been introduced to him?! Maybe it’s because it’s hard to pin point him to a certain genre or, er, maybe it’s because he doesn’t really collaborate with artists? Whatever it was, something needed to be changed because there are still minds waiting/needing to be challenged through music like this]. Yes, my mind was bugging me with these thoughts while I was trying to enjoy his show. Oh, well. At least I could see.

But see, I was thinking these things because I personally really enjoy RRR’s floetic style. He uses a lot of pauses in his rhythmic flow to introduce his audience to double meanings – the ambiguity is vulnerable to empathy at this point, and that’s what makes his songs attractive. Just like in real time movement, taking a pause in life (whether it’s one step later or one day later) will make all the difference to where the individual ends up. RRR practices these fluid pauses in his songs, targeting different emotions each time to get us closer to him. I get (and want) to know him a little more.

I’ve heard some rising artists who sound like they’ve adopted some form of RRR’s ‘06 steez. It’s hard though, for most today to really understand where music culture derives from each year since we as Americans wait until a trend is thrown at us, and then use that as acceptable swag. (I just did it right now). We’re late to the race, yet scheduled to run 100-meter sprints, panting with borrowed pieces of art as our baton. Whatever the case may be, at least he’s one who is teaching and taking music to another unexplored place. Right now, him and Homeboy Sandman are my favorites in that manner.

I might just be talking to myself at this point,(ha), but this is how Robert Raimon Roy’s music speaks to me. So blame him, and credit him. Let me tease you:

Le Tigre Blanc. 12/11/12.

-Celeste (@cellyonthetelly)



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