After 20 years of the debut album Illmatic, hip-hop legend and Queensbridge MC, Nas, continues to hold the title as one of the greatest. The greatest meaning, releasing eight consecutive multi-platinum and platinum albums since the 90s and cannot be left out when critics speak of hip-hop. Although, hip-hop is a profound genre of music to review, Illmatic has been known as one of the defining albums in hip-hop history. Rapping in a poetic style, Nas is often compared to lyricist and MC Rakim, however, Nas is in his own category.

Now, 20 years later, Nas tenth studio album Life is Good demonstrates Nas’s ability to vent; giving fans a mature lyrical tone. Coming from an artist whose lyrics address streetlife and struggle growing up, Nas transforms from “Life’s a B*tch” in Illmatic to Life is Good.  After all, Nas never left the hip-hop game, releasing Stillmatic in 2001, and Distant Relatives in 2008 with Damian Marley. Regardless of the lack of promotion for the album, Nas made the No.1 spot on Billboards. Producers No ID, Salaam Remi, and Justice L.E.A.G.U.E. provide Nas with the acoustics for his fatherhood track “Daughters” and his hip-hop experience track “Back When”. A public divorce with artist Kelis, leads Nas to speak on his personal life on “Bye Baby”. This is a side of Nas we’ve never seen.

-LC (@Ceo_Lina)

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