Music Video: “Thrift Shop” by @Macklemore X @RyanLewis (Pop Some Tags on “The Heist” – Deluxe Version)

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  1. Andy says:

    This is the funniest and most recession strategic production ever made! It also succesfully marries frugality and poverty and sends a message that there is nothing wrong with being humble or frugal and that if anything it should be shameful to overpay for merchandise just because consumers want a “new” product that no one else has “worn” even though new becomes used rather fast. I noticed nothing in the video to suggest that thrift shoppers are being made fun of yet Macklemore is very playful and tends to make fun of only himself with his facial contortions, apparel choices and overall silliness. Over 600 million views and gaining about a million a day can’t be wrong! I only wish he would’ve ommitted vulgarity and expletives in a production that includes children. Has he done that he would’ve had the amount of views that Psy and Justin Bieber command

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