@Murs & @Fashawn – “Just Begun” (Video)

“Tonight we have something rare. Almost miraculous for you. It’s the kind of surprising accident that sometimes occurs when 2 artistic forms meet to the benefit of each” – Poetic Justice (Stan Rogers)

Way back when, 6 years ago, a girl friend presented me with Paid Dues Festival tickets, to be held at The Shrine for my birthday. I still remember that ride – pure paradise feeling. Like ‘I’m going to see MURS and his boys who made that “CLASSIC” Album!’ And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to Fashawn’s “Our Way” joint, along with the rest of Boy Meets World. So, for Murs and Fashawn to collaborate on “This Generation” album has fans like me ready to feel their (California-bred) chemistry, especially since I know I could look forward to both artists’ emotive storytelling based on a madcap lifestyle.

Murs and Fashawn performed a song off their forthcoming album, “Just Begun”, at Rock The Bells, and rocked it. Check it out below:

Murs goes hard:

A weird nigga that started writing the illest flows/…./Thought I was on for a minute though, until I peeped how them other niggas didn’t grow

and goes on to spit:

And now your boy owns the biggest show/showing these young niggas how to make a business grow

Murs helped introduce underground hip-hop to the mainstream demographic through starting the Paid Dues Festival. And although his intricate flows on the mic might have developed quicker than the average MC, it could not slow his integrity down since he has found other ways to put in work.

I liked when Fashawn spit:

Like it or not but I came from the gutter/
Betty Crocker on the block, boy is butter/
Product of that child protective/
Expected to live wild and reckless/
From the foulest section

Fashawn’s always been like an open book about his life through rhyme, and it’s what makes him likeable. He endured through the hardships to be able to look back and think forward.

And through all the pits and yacht rides, both of them only just begun. What! There are a couple of more weeks to go to check out the rest of “This Generation”, releasing from Duck Down Music on September 25th.

-Celeste (@cellyonthetelly)



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