Micah Freeman’s “The Timepiece” Album Review

I’ve written about Micah Freeman a few times before, and believe it or not, I’m back to write some more. I will admit there may be some bias on my part given the fact he resides in my Atlanta stomping grounds, but that is beside the point. The first song of his I covered was entitled “Racing Hearts (Feat. Keithcharles Spacebar)”. The track was an up-tempo, lusty, electronically infused one, grazed with an incredibly catchy verse a la Mr. Spacebar who, by the way, could easily be mistaken for Kid Cudi’s brother. All bias and Kid Cudi speculations aside, Freeman’s sound was undoubtedly unique and enough for me to come back for more. The next time my pen met his name was for an interview, one that would serve as an artist profile in foreshadowing his upcoming album, The Timepiece. And now, as if my intro has not already given it away, my pen and I again return to Micah Freeman to talk about just that, The Timepiece.

So clearly I am a fan, but more than that I am a music critic. I have picked up on Freeman’s stylistic niche and that too combined with the influence of today’s Atlanta Hip Hop scene. Altogether,The Timepiece creates a perfect synergy of the two. Medicated with a healthy dose of 80’s and 90‘s throwback music, the album is one whose concept abides by its name. Yet again, Freeman assumes the role of the time traveler, the artist subject to the era. Such is apparent as the album advances. With the help of guest features Ethereal and our formerly mentioned Keithcharles Spacebar, Freeman’s rhythmic narration aids The Timepiece in unraveling in a story format. The album possesses a beginning, middle, and an end, a rising and falling action with a climactic point in between, and a pulse for to keep your heart racing. To make a long story short, The Timepiece has an era and sound for everyone. “What’s happening when I’m time traveling, man?” Freeman asks in “Voyage Du Temps”. From “A Time Traveler’s Manifesto: Ascension” to the soft yet seductive concluding groove that is “Nothing”, I believe Freeman has answered his own question.



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