Mellowhype Week Foreshadows the Oct. 9 Release of “Numbers”

Odd Future’s Mellowhype, a.k.a. Left Brain and Hodgy Beats, are slowly extinguishing the suspense of their upcoming album Numbers this week. Starting this past Tuesday the 11th, the duo and their accompanying fan base have been reveling in the leisurely unraveling of Mellowhype Week wherein each day marks the release of one new song off of the album. Thus far, we’ve managed to garner tracks, “Decoy”, “Greezy (Feat. Domo Genesis)”, and “Wasabi (Feat. Juicy J.)”. As today is dubbed Mellowhype Week day 4, we anticipate what breed of dopeness the the rest of the week withholds. As far as I’m concerned, Hodgy and Left Brain have held true to their signature sound, not in a way that’s predictable but more so intoxicating for the OF addict. Stringing Juicy J. and fellow OF member Domo Genesis along the way, Mellowhype plays with the flexibility of their cool resonance and hones in on the trill tenor that differentiates them from the rest. Three days down and four more to go, we keep the blunts burning and the papers rolling to celebrate the week-long holiday in Mellowhype fashion. And if, at any point, you find yourself asking too: What Would Juicy J. Do? Take some of that sweet wasabi to your ear and listen to the lyrical scripture (on second thought, quite its opposite) below. Don’t forget, Numbers drops October 9nd… Stay tuned!



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