AK’s Report Card for MC Imprint’s The First Impression

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10 Responses

  1. rebel nature says:

    have fun with the music some artist take themselves to serious

  2. MC IMPRINT says:

    Thank you for the great review! Much Love:)

  3. Liz Duncan says:

    I’ve had a chance to listen to this album as well, and not only can I appreciate the truth in his lyrics, but I love how he is able to make such a serious subject so much fun!

  4. Dope, Dope, Dope. Bobbin my head the whole time. I love music like this, you can dance to it. and It Means something its not just Hype music, It sends a message. Keep it up Brett!

    -Much love.

  5. Matt Markman says:

    Imprint and Opti kill it!!!

    Spot on review (minus props to Ms. Lauren Coleman)

    • ak says:

      Ya my bad! I had her in the rough draft and somehow omitted that paragraph but her vocals most definitely did not go unnoticed! <3 AK

  6. Allison Valois says:

    MC Imprint is killing it as usual! Ain’t No Sunshine is one of my favorite songs on the album!

  7. Jayme Nash says:

    I loved reading MC Imprint’s review. Bout time these music blog websites show him some love. I personally, think the commentary is funny, but to each AK’s own:)

  8. JimmyD says:

    It’s nice to hear some Hip Hop with a little substance behind the lyrics. Nice work Imprint!!

  9. Jamison says:

    The album is DOPE!! And the kid has some serious talent!!

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