Lupe talks Kendrick Lamar, Occupy Movement, CRS, Retiring from Music Industry

Exclusive in-depth interview with Lupe Fiasco. Part 2 starts with Nick Huff Barili asking Lupe if he has worked with any of the new generation artists like Kendrick Lamar and Blu on Food & Liquor 2. Lupe responds that he wants to be a fan but not necessarily collaborate cause he doesn't want to taint his vision of them. Nick continues by asking if Lupe feels he has to sneak in substance into music that plays in a commercial realm. Lupe not only answers that but also goes into misconceptions regarding his last album Lasers and says that the production on F&L 2 will be modern hip hop beats. Talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement, Lupe says that it's better of without the media's cameras there everyday trying to define it because now the movement has room to grow on its own. Lupe goes on to explain what he means by wanting to retire from the music industry and his interest in teaching. Before we let him go, he addresses the latest with All City Chess Club, CRS ( with Kanye and Pharrell) and the album he is going to put out with just Pharrell.

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