Ludacris talks LL Cool J, Upcoming Mixtape, New Generation of Rappers

In part 1 Luda talks to Nick Huff Barili about how LL Cool J's track I'm Bad made him want to start rapping. Ludacris wrote his first rhyme at 9 years old about…his girlfriend. He goes on to say that when he is constructing a song he lets the beat create an atmosphere for how he feels and then he writes to the emotion of that. As we switch topics Luda talks about his upcoming mixtape which is dropping this friday (May 24th).
Luda explains why he chose to called it “I don't give a fuck”. One of the track from the leaked track-listing that has people talking is “Mad For” which features Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Pusha T all of whom along with Luda have had some things to say about Drake. Luda states that he was not aware that everyone on the track had issues with Drake and that he does not tell other rappers what to write about on his tracks. He goes on to say that his verse on the track in not directed at anyone in particular. Luda is releasing the mixtape for free to flood the streets with new music and to let everyone know that music is still number 1 to him regardless of him shooting a couple movies. Ludacris says that he loves the new generation of rappers, how people are creating their own lanes and growing their own underground movements before major labels even get involved. When asked how he feels about the comments another southern legend Scarface made in our recent interview about Hip Hop losing its Soul, Luda says that “There are so many other genres that are mixing in [to Hip Hop] where it feels like we are loosing soul in the translation. But I definitively feel like there is soul in Hip Hop.”

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