Why We Love Mr. MFN eXquire – “The Message Pt. 1 & 2” Visuals Say It All…

I honestly have to hand it to Mr. MFN eXquire. The dude hasn’t been around for long, but he came into the game strong and has kept on keeping on ever since. Like most people, I first heard about him after he dropped the “Huzzah” video – y’know, the one where he’s wearing a grill, has a giant, jiggling ass shaking next to his face, and bottles of alcohol scattered across the floor? Yeah, that one.

Who the hell was this guy? He was so… grotesque! So… in your face, flashy, blunt, raw, ostentatious. He was everything Hip Hop nowadays has been trying to be, but he was actually executing it. And executing it well. Let’s be honest- for anyone who’s about to stick “MotherFukin” in the middle of his name, he better be doing it well!

I didn’t know how to receive this guy… Mr. Muthafukin’ whatever. Wherever he hailed from, whoever he was, he was doing something so grossly rare. So I listened to the song over and over and over again. I watched the video over and over and over again. Then I discovered there was a remix with Despot, Das Racist, El-P, and Danny Brown, that was even better than the original (not to mention, this time he’s wearing a crown and is sandwiched by not one but two asses). And… well, you know the drill. I couldn’t get enough. I mean, I really bought it. With or without the cameras, you had a visual of this guy calling the strippers over, putting his crown on, rolling a couple blunts, and slinging back some forty’s. Alllll night long… “Huzzah” wasn’t grotesque and offensive for the sake of being grotesque and offensive. It was almost his way of saying “what you see is what you get”.

After what seemed like an overnight success, l’ll assume the people liked what they saw. It’s pretty simple. With Mr. MFN eXquire, you either get it or you don’t. You either will or you won’t. But here’s the reality: when Mr. MFN eXquire enters a room, when his music pumps through your speakers or his gold toothed, cheezin’ face pops up on your screen, his presence is so big its almost suffocating.

His name these days has been more prevalent and believe it or not, the same goes for his personality. With his Power and Passion EP fresh on the market and good reviews to follow, the Bed Stuy Brooklyn native drops some serious visuals for “The Message Pt. 1 and 2” to accompany the hype.

And what-do-ya-know, he is definitely not holding back. Stomping through the forest with an all camo get up and his wingman in a next-to-nothin’ ensemble who seems to be a bit more openly- uh – animalistic, than the most of us, this my friends, is what we call ratchet. Don’t get too excited, though – that’s only part one.

As for part 2, Mr. MFN eXquire rhymes in a seize-worthy newscast format, “Live from REALNIGGARIA” (sounds legitimate). A message to the media on his version of “Al Jazeera Exclusive”, the heretic gets real in your face with a real doom-laden beat.

Check it out for yourselves. I can’t promise it will resonate, but what you’re getting on “The Message Pt. 1 and 2” is 100% Mr. MFN eXquire.



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  1. Nelia says:

    I much prefer intrvmafioe articles like this to that high brow literature.

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  5. http://www./ says:

    Det er veldig flott (og sterkt) av deg å fokusere sånn i blogen din! Det er selvsagt viktig for deg, men likevel er det ikke gitt at en orker. Så all ære til deg! Virkelig.

  6. ¡Bárbaro, Kako, bárbaro! Creo que Paco tiene que sentirse muy orgulloso de haber engrandecido su receta como tú lo has hecho. La presentación, de matrícula.Besos y feliz domingo!!

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