Logic talks to Father + Brother about Not Following Them Into Street Life, Addiction + More

Exclusive in-depth interview with Logic, his Father and Brother. In part 1, Logic and his half brother share the story of how they found out about each other when Logic was 10 years old and what happened the first time they hung out, including Logic getting high for the first time. Logic goes on to describe how he went down a different path than those around him and didn’t get caught up in the street stuff. “When I was young, yeah, in the household there was narcotics, there was violence, there was mother f*@kers who had murdered people living in my home and my mother, witnessing her get beat and dealing with my sisters aftermath of them getting raped by their men and really fucked up stuff that I saw at the time. And it kinda crazy…I’m talking a lot about that on the album…Now its time to explain who I am and where I come from and that why I wanted to sit down with my father and with my brother.” Logic also talks about the two times his dad put a beating to him, his first time performing, plus much more!

We are just getting started, stay stunned next week for more from this personal conversation.

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