Logic talks J Cole Friendship, Acceptance aka Hidden Track on Everybody, Dead Presidents 3

Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sits down with Logic for his first in-depth interview about his new album EVERYBODY. You have all been asking for this one and here is it!!! Hard Knock Tv EXCLUSIVE! Logic breaks down “Acceptance” aka the hidden track on Everybody by J Cole. Logic and Nick actually bonded over their mutual admiration for Cole the first time they meet. In this video Logic recalls how their friendship has grown over the years since meeting his idol J Cole at No ID’s bday party, to playing Dead Presidents 3 for him at the studio ( where 6ix snapped a picture of Cole when he wasn’t watching lol) to running into him at festivals over the years to playing the new album for him to having Cole write him a personal voice note rap about his reaction to their conversations and what a dream come true it was for his idol to be on his album in such a personal manner. We will be releasing videos to songs we haven’t discussed yet through out the coming weeks. Hit us on twitter to let us know which one you want next!

Nick and Logic talked for over 7 hours and there is more to come. Make sure to subscribe to www.youtube.com/hardknocktv to be the first to be notified for the next part of Logic’s and Nick’s conversation.

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