Logic talks J Cole, Drake, Nas comparisons, Touring with Kid Cudi, Hip Hop friendships

n our latest segment Logic talks to Nick Huff Barili about touring in Europe for the first time. Logic says that he was most impressed by the fact that a lot of his fans knew his songs word for word yet when he met them after show for meet and greet he realized that they didn't speak English. Logic goes on to talk about his upcoming tour opening for Kid Cudi and how that came about. As we talk about Hip Hop friendships Logic talks about building a friendship with J Cole and how his concert in Maryland was the only concert he had been to. Logic doesn't mind the comparisons to Cole, Drake, Nas etc because he has a versatile flow that can incorporate elements of other MC's yet be his own.

Tune in Friday for our next segment with Logic and get to meet The Rattpack


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