Logic talks Fade Away, Acting, Never Cheating, Charlamagne, Nicki Minaj, Crying, Interstellar + More

Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sits down with Logic for his first in-depth interview about his new album: The Incredible True Story. In Part 4 Logic:
1. Breaks down meaning behind his new single Fade Away.
2. Shares his passion for film.
3. Talks wanting to act and directing Young Jesus video.
4. Explains that there is nothing wrong with crying.
5. Says he cried when he heard Nicki Minaj verse on Monster and when he watched Interstellar.
6. Shares thoughts and experience with Charlamagne and Breakfast club.
7. Says that he has never cheated on girl he has ever dated.
+ Much more.
We still have a lot more from this in-depth interview. Tune in next week for part 5 of Logic’s and Nick’s conversation.
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