Logic talks America, Kanye, Trump, Public Enemy, Black Thought, No ID, Big Lenbo

Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sits down with Logic for his first in-depth interview about his new album EVERYBODY. This is part 5, where Logic breaks down the meaning of his song America which was originally called Make America Great Again. Logic speaks on the inspiration behind America and why he was hesitant at first to get political but did so because he felt it needed to be said. Not only does Logic call out president Trump but he also questions why Kanye, his musical idol is supporting him. America has four features which is more that both of Logic’s previous albums. Not only did Logic get No ID to rap for the first time in like 20 years, he also collaborated with The Roots Black Thought and Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Logic said that he was inspired by listening to Fight the Power and how not that much has changed politically since 1989 when that came out. Last but not least we can’t forget about Logic’s best friend and fellow Rattpack member Big Lenbo who holds his own on a track with legends.

Nick and Logic talked for over 7 hours and this is just the beginning of their interview. Make sure to subscribe to www.youtube.com/hardknocktv to be the first to be notified for part 6 of Logic’s and Nick’s conversation.

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