Logic talks AfricAryaN, Last Skit, Last Album, Getting Hated on For Being Biracial

Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sits down with Logic for his first in-depth interview about his new album EVERYBODY. In this video Logic breaks down the meaning of his song AfricAryaN, which early on was also going to be the name of the album. This video starts with Logic explaining why he repeats the same verse throughout the song AfricAryan and how he was inspired to do so by Q-Tip, Tribe Called Quest and Black Thought and The Roots. Logic goes on to talk about his Biracial identity and coming to terms with the idea that his ancestors were both the slaves and the slave masters. Logic shares what its like to grow up being biracial in the US, looking white but being black and white and being hated on by people on both sides. Logic states that his next album with be his last and explains the quadrilogy concept of how all the albums fit together.

Nick and Logic talked for over 7 hours and there is more to come. Make sure to subscribe to www.youtube.com/hardknocktv to be the first to be notified for the next part of Logic’s and Nick’s conversation.

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