Kobe Bryant gives advice to players at Rucker Park

www.hardknock.tv Hard Knock TV caught up with Kobe Bryant at Rucker Park for Nike’s World Basketball Festival. In this interview Kobe talks about Basketball being a Global game now and how its important to learn from how each country approaches the game. KB goes on to say that no matter where you go Defense and Rebounding will always win games and that he would like to see USA players move better without the ball. While in Rucker Park we also got a chance to catch High School players from China and US play each other. The video ends with the legendary New York City emcee and streetball icon Boobie Smooth telling us the first nick name he ever gave out as well as High School game stand out Michael Taylor (Boys and Girls HS) telling us his thoughts on the World Basketball Festival. Also, don’t miss the tremendous dunks by the USA HS team.

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