Kendrick Lamar talks Coming Up, TDE, Jay Z, Writing Songs in Mom’s Kitchen

I was digging through our video vaults and found this Kendrick Lamar interview with the homies at Sound Session on KUBE 93.3 FM. This interview took place right before Kendrick put out GKMC so if you are just looking for Kdot’s response to the control verse keep it moving. For those real fans out there interested to see Kendrick’s progress its worth the watch. Backstage at Kube’s Summer-jam Kendrick talks to DJ Hyphen and J. Moore about the first moment when he knew his career was going to take off. “I did a show in NY and people showed just as much love in NY as they did in LA. Thats when I knew it was bigger that just my own backyard. It can actually broaden out and touch everybody.” When talking about the TDE team that helped put Kendrick on the map he mentions Top Dawg himself, Punch and Dave Free as some of the people behind the scenes that he has grinned with and starved with and allow him to stay focused on the music while they handle the business. “A lot of artists get it confused and thinking it’s just them that gets em where they at…just them making the music. It starts with the music but there is no I in Team you can’t go out here and put the music out yourself cause you have to always stay creative and stay in a space where you just stick to the music and not get caught up in the business side… I owe a lot of my success and where I’m at right now to the team around me.” Kendrick goes on to say that Toronto is one of his favorite places to tour. “Toronto is crazy. The peoples was beautiful. The energy was there. They just showed a whole bunch of love. That was my first show outside the States. That’s a memorable moment because it was on my birthday too…Think it was right around the time Section 80 had just dropped and they were singing it word for word man. It was a good thing.” At the time of this interview Kendrick had just came back to the states from touring in Europe. “Its crazy to see how the music comes from a small little basement in a local city and travels over the water….Section 80…The OD…Knowing I wrote these songs in Compton and they all the way…you know people I thought I would never meet singing them.” There is much more in this interview including Kendrick talking about the inspiration for the song “Cut You Off”, Jay Z, Resolvable Doubt, Acting and other endeavors.

If you haven’t already, check out the interview we did with Kendrick at his studio. S/O to DJ Hyphen J. Moore and Karen Wild for the hospitality while we were in Seattle. You can check out more from Sound Sessions at

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