Juicy J talks Wiz Khalifa, Mom being a Librarian, Nas, Jay Z, Trippy Movement + More

Exclusive in-depth interview with Juicy J. In part 2 Juicy J talks to Nick Huff Barili about his first hip hop memories listening to Kurtis Blow, The Sugarhill Gang, BDP and Run DMC. At first Juicy J wanted to be a musician, more specifically a drummer and a singer but when he hard Rap music he “just kinda fell in with it.” At 13 years old Juicy J got his Mom, who is a Librarian, to check him out 5-6 books on the music industry because he wanted to know everything there was to know about the business side of music. Juicy J talks about the evolution of grinding and says you have to “work your ass of more now than back then because records don’t sell like they used to.” Juicy J shares how he came to be 1/3 owner of Taylor Gang and how his friendship with Wiz Khalifa has grown. As the interview continues Juicy J describes how the whole Stay Trippy movement started. Part 2 ends with Juicy J talking about how Nas and Jay Z are two people we wants to work with the most. You have to watch the video to find what would that collaboration sound like?

Tune in Wednesday for part 3 and final installment of our conversation with Juicy J.

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