Getting to Know Joe Cool

We got a chance to speak with Hip Hop’s newcomer, Joe Cool, about who he is on and off the mic. From Chicago to Louisiana to Los Angeles, this cat is chasing his dream across the country without anything stopping him. If you haven’t heard it already, peep his last mixtape Cooley Hi and see what he has to say about his next one, Driver’s Ed. Without further adieu, I believe it’s time to let Mr. Cool speak for himself. Enjoy!

HK: So you went from living in Chicago to living in Louisiana and currently, Los Angeles… three very different places. Can you give us an idea of how your artistic journey has progressed from one place to the next?

JC: I think if anything its helped me be open to all regions & different sounds they come with. A lot of people don’t know I was a military brat when I was young. I was born in Chicago and all of my immediate family lives on the southside, but I’ve also lived over the Midwest; It’s like when I hit Louisiana & started living it affected my music heavier,because I wanted to balance the more raw drum sound of up north, with the soul & bass of the south. At the end of the day I think whats really progressing me & has always progressed me is living life & growing as a person, a lot with the fact that I just want to get better as an artist everytime I work. So far its all been working pretty well!

HK: On Cooley Hi’s “Fame”, you say “Out in LA n***a/ I’m not supposed to be here.” You are a transplant in Los Angeles just like (almost) everyone else, out here trying to do your thing. How do your circumstances in LA affect you? Does the competition ever intimidate you?

JC: Haha! Its crazy. When I made that record I was still in Louisiana, but a couple months before hand I came out to cali to network & all that stuff. I just came out here recently to work on my projects since im closer to people I work with its easier.

Honestly I don’t think anything really affects me by being here. If anything I just get to work more and im even more driven to kill the game. Im really self aware you know. So I don’t think about what everybody else is doing. Me & the team are out here for Joe & the progression of me & the whole New Louisiana movement. All the work I’ve been putting in makes me comfortable with everything. All the competition ive met respects my hustle, & I respect it back. I just think about me still working at mcdonalds & doing MTV rapfix at the same damn time! Haha. I have nothing to fear.

HK: Your next mixtape is entitled Driver’s Ed. How do you feel the this one differs from your last one, Cooley Hi?

JC: I feel like ima really get to let people hear a complete me. I feel like cooley hi was just a prelude to many more great stories, not to mention im still growing living & learning as a human. Cooley hi was a solid sound, I made it to be like that, but with Driver’s Ed im giving you a lot more of all I can really do vs just 1 kind of sound. Not to mention im taking more time on it & working with more people outside of me & by team.Im finally in a space where I want to reach out & work. I’ve been working with Wizzo who has been doing a lot of new work with Nipsey Hussle. Art Andrews who plays guitar for Miguel. He’s amazing. Im about to get in with my homie Zach Heiligman who␣s produced for Foster the people on their album. Its just a lot of new things & new sounds in the work. I want to push myself to make the best work I can and give the people something fresh

HK: You are obviously a new player in the Hip Hop game. Is it everything you thought it would be?

JC: I don’t know honestly.I never know what to expect in the game. That’s why I don’t try to really expect anything from it! Hahaha, I been paying dues so long its kinda weird how its gotten easier. I love hiphop so regardless ima be good! As long as people get to hear the music, and im comfortable

HK: Who are your top 5 artists, new or old?

JC: Fuuuuuck these are so hard for me yo!!! In all genres? Do I get to pick bands? Lol. But ok in no specific order..just 5 random artists/bands I like

1. Marvin Gaye

2. A Tribe Called Tuest

3. Big Krit

4. Vampire Weekend

5. Onyx

HK: Who is Joe Cool off of the mic?

JC: Terrance Brown, music junkie, extrovert, libra, positive viber, life lover, chill outer, the one that’ll help you but not take yo shit. Prolly out playing tony hawk underground 2 somwhere. Eating a pizza

HK: Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents your fan base doesn’t know about?

JC: I eat…its almost a hobby how much I love food. & I used to play AAU backetball. I’ll do you in on the court. & I like to skate to lil boosie. lol



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