Incredible soccer/football Freestyle Tricks/Dribbling. Best in World??? Iya Traore

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Paris, France was running into Iya Traore, while walking to the top of the Montmartre neighborhood. We saw a crowd of people sitting on the steps of the Sacre Coeur watching Iya Traore juggling a soccer ball on a ledge. What happened next you have to see to believe, not only did he practically undress with dribbling but at the end he climbed a street light pole while juggling a soccer ball on his head. Iya Traore truly has amazing skills, I haven’t seen anyone in the world top his. I had to slow the video down a couple times to show you exactly what he was doing because I felt that he made it look so easy that the complexity of his moves was going over peoples head. Enjoy! is his website!

Ps. The first instrumental of the video is produced by Noah Ayala, the second two by Automatiks for Space Camp Music.


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