Iggy Azalea talks Tupac, Depression Growing Up, Dad Leaving Her, Cleaning Job with Mom

Exclusive in-depth interview with Iggy Azalea. In part 4 Iggy talks to Nick Huff Barili about how she fell in love with Hip Hop listening to Tupac’s Baby Don’t Cry at age 12 and how she used to be obsessed with rap lyrics, making sure her and her friends were saying the right words. Her first attempt at writing rhymes was to impress a boy letting him know that he was the silver lining of her life. Iggy says that she felt very alone growing up in Australia because her parents had a bad relationship. In 5th grade her father left her a note at school saying he had left her which was the beginning of her isolation from people around her. Iggy was scared of her father growing up but now that she is older she gets him and they get a long well. Iggy shares that she was very depressed growing up and that music was the only thing that kept her going. Iggy had a lot of jobs to save money which included working at a supermarket, at a record store (before she got fired for stealing an Ashanti single) and cleaning houses with her Mom. Her Mom gave her $200 to go to a recording studio to record her first song, which meant a lot to Iggy because she knew how hard her Mom worked to get that money. Ultimately working with her Mom helped Iggy appreciate her Mom even more and brought them closer.

We have a lot more with Iggy! Tune in for part 5 of our conversation end of week exclusively at www.hardknock.tv


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