Iggy Azalea talks Bounce, India, Self-Sabotage, Nicki Minaj Comparisons

In part 3 Iggy talks to Nick Huff Barili about going to India to shoot her video for Bounce and why its important to bring fantasy back into music videos. Iggy is a product of viral videos which let her connect with fans on one level but she also believes that music is supposed to serve as escapism for people that want to get away from their lives for a bit. On twitter recently Iggy posted that conquering ones own mind is one of the greatest challenges. She states that she is working on not sabotaging herself and that the music video for Bounce almost didn’t happen because she didn’t want to give her passport to the embassy to be able to go to India. Iggy explains that although “Bounce” is now being worked overseas she wants her previous “Work” to be what her new label Def Jam promotes stateside because a lot of people still don’t know her over here and she wants “Work” to be her introduction to them. Part three ends with Iggy explaining that she is not a fan of people comparing her to other artists as they have to Kreayshawn and Nicki Minaj among others.

We have a lot more with Iggy! Tune in for part 4 of our conversation with Iggy Azalea next week exclusively at www.hardknock.tv


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