@Hopsin talks Spiderman, Record Labels, Moving to Australia + More

Exclusive in-depth interview with Hopsin at his house. Part 3 starts with Hopsin talking to Nick Huff Barili about being signed to Ruthless Records. The experience made him learn that he didn’t need a label and that he was all he ever needed. Going on to say that these rappers use all the lights and glamor to make up for their lack of substance. Hopsin explains that Funk Volume originally started as the rap name he wanted for his alter-ego but that when that didn’t work out he used it for his label cause he still liked the name. Taking a break from the interview Hopsin takes us to his basement studio and plays us one of the beats that is going to be on Knock Madness. As we get back to interview Hopsin explains a twitter comment that said he was going to retire in Australia after his next world wide tour. “My whole existence on this earth isn’t just to be a rapper.” We end Part 3 of the interview with Hopsin explaining how he is the Spiderman of the Rap game.

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