Hopsin talks Marcus Vs Hopsin, Celebrity Life vs Personal Life, Starting over in Australia

Exclusive in-depth interview with Hopsin by Nick Huff Barili. Part 6 of this very candid interview starts with Hopsin explaining why he wants to move to Australia after his Knock Madness tour ends. “Ive been working on Hopsin for so long, now its time to work on my personal life.” ” I like the idea of being in a whole new country away from everybody that  I know…and just starting from zero. I’m just going to build myself and be who I want to be…I just want to learn life…I want to explore earth…Its a journey and a mission to find myself.”  Hopsin says that he will still be making music but that he wants to live as Marcus for a while.  Hopsin goes on to say that he wants to get married someday and have kids but that he doesn’t feel like he is in a position to do so right now. “I would love to have a wife and be married but I know  when I’m touring and all these girls that come about, it fu#*s with your mind. There is too many girls in my life to even pursue a real relationship right now. Its like the devil going “come here Marcus” and all this shit and its going to keep on happening. That’s why I want to get away and live as Marcus and not deal with Hopsin so I can just work on my personal life.” Hopsin goes on to say that living a rapper lifestyle is not healthy. “I’m going to end up being 40 years old and having no life and just be Hopsin.” Watch this segment to hear Hopsin talk more about the battle between celebrity life vs personal life.

We talked to Hopsin for more than 2 hours as he opened up about a series of topics at his home studio. Tune in next week for part 8 with Hopsin only at www.hardknock.tv

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