HOPSIN talks Knock Madness, Dissing Rappers, Ofwgkta + More

Exclusive in-depth interview with Hopsin at his house. Part 2 starts with Hopsin talking to Nick Huff Barili about Knock Madness which will be his next album. Hopsin explains why its been over two years since he has put out an album. Hop says that he is producing all of the album with exception from perhaps a beat or two from Travis Barker whom he worked with recently. Hopsin takes us to his basement studio where he plays a beat he has been working on for Knock Madness and shows us how he makes his beats on fruity loops which he taught himself. Hop goes on to say that the only rapper outside of his Funk Volume crew that he would like to collaborate with is Yelawolf cause that’s one of the only rappers he is feeling right now. Nick asks Hopsin if he has ever ran into someone he has dissed in his raps, which Hop says he hasn’t but has performed in front of people who are close to rappers that he has talked about and they haven’t said anything. Hopsin doesn’t really see what he says as dissing but more like mad tv skits. He also says that he doesn’t know the Ofwgkta crew or Tyler the Creator but he felt he had to call them out cause he doesn’t feel the direction where their movement is going. He says that he probably won’t call out rappers any more because he is in a different space.

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