Hopsin talks Ill Mind 6, Eminem, Macklemore, “Gay Agenda”, Racism, Hip Hop

Part 3 of this very candid interview starts with Hopsin telling Nick Huff Barili what inspired him to write ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 6. “I had a friend that I grew up with…he was like one of the closest friends I ever had in my life…he got into crystal meth and he started hanging out with the wrong people…eventually he went down the wrong road…and overdosed a few times.” Hopsin details how crystal meth not only effected his friend but those around him. Hopsin wanted to release this cautionary tail in memory of his homie and to awaken fans who might be going down the same road. Hopsin goes on to address Youtube comments that claim that he is “preachy” by stating that he is everything. “I’m preachy. I’m goofy. I’m looney. I’m emo. I’m a hardcore rapper. I’m a softcore rapper. I’m everything. I’m a f@#$ing Human. I have many emotions…Whatever my emotions are feeling that’s what I do.” Hopsin states that he produced all of the Knock Madness album and that the only non Funk Volume appearance on the album is Tech N9ne. While talking about features on the album Hopsin said that Macklemore was one of the artists that he wanted to get but that the timing didn’t work out. Hop goes on to address Lord Jamar’s statements that Macklemore is pursing some kind of “Gay Agenda” and that whites should not have a say in Hip Hop because they did not create it and should “stay in their lane”. Hopsin says that Hip Hop has evolved. “Its about humans being equal. That shouldn’t be brought up. That’s racist…Its 2013 is somebody really talking like that?” Hop says that Eminem changed his life and inspired him to “become something more than what I was.” When asked what he thinks of the new tracks Eminem has put out (Rap God, Berzerk), Hop states that he prefers the older Slim Shady but that he will like anything that Eminem puts out because that is how big of a fan he is.

We are just getting started. We talked to Hopsin for more than 2 hours as he opened up about a series of topics. Tune in next week for part 4 with Hopsin only at www.hardknock.tv

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