Hopsin says “I’m lost, I don’t know who the f@%k I am any more” in candid interview

Part 1 of this very candid interview starts with Hopsin telling Nick Huff Barili about the intro to his new music video Hop is Back. “Over the past like year and a half or so people think that I went soft and they think that I gave up being raw and bashing rappers…I just wanted to put that track out to shut them all up.” Nick asks Hopsin about the line in Hop is Back were he states: “Am I Hopsin or am I Lucifer? I didn’t blow ’till I started talking a gang of shit, tell me who you prefer?” which he responds with “When you speak real shit or whatever, if you come off nice, people don’t give a fuck…but the moment you stick your middle finger up…when I take the sinister route now all of a sudden I’m popular.” Last time we talked to Hopsin he shared that he had a realization moment and had become closer to God. Hop details how a series of life events since then have lead him to question some things. “I wouldn’t necessarily say that I drifted from God because…I’m the best that I have ever been in my life as far as my morals and all that and staying positive…sometimes you may get lost in your thoughts…I’m kind of in that stage…In no way like trying to promote any lucifer stuff in my music at all….I’m at this point right now and I’m just going to admit it…I”m lost I don’t know who the fuck I am any more. I’m not going to lie. I don’t know who I am or know what I represent. All the fame…It can mess with your head…As Im going through all this I’m just kinda learning, finding out who I am. I got set back to zero around like January, February…all this crap happened. Its like my world just crashed.” Hop details how the break up with his girlfriend along with some issues with friends mixed with the fame have lead him to this state. “My new album kinda talks about that. You will see that I am lost….Im just going through something right now. And who ever is watching this I hope they can understand and not judge me…I’m a human. If you say that you have never reached a point in your life were you question things that just means that you are not wise enough to question. Life in itself is a huge ass question.”

We are just getting started. We talked to Hopsin for more than 2 hours as he opened up about a series of topics. Tune in next week for part 2 with Hopsin only at www.hardknock.tv

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