Hit-Boy Hinting Loudly Towards a Rap Career

Hit-Boy is living up to just that; hits, boy!

G.O.O.D producer, Hit-Boy, is famously known for producing “Niggas in Paris”; a beat he said took him 15 minutes to make as he was messing around in the studio, so he couldn’t believe ‘Ye and Jay actually used it. But above that, his grind’s been up since 2006 when Polow Da Don took him under his wing via a Myspace message stating “Let’s get this paper…” Now, 6 years later with A-list projects under his wing, it is becoming more clear that Hit-Boy wants to follow the career path of his boss, West – as a rapper. He wrote on Twitter a few days ago “People asking me to put out a mixtape I prob won’t do that but I might just put out an album y’all can listen to for free.”

Its poetry in everything. Its poetry in how someone does an interview. You know the way they deliver it, and the words you choose, and how you segway in to the next subject. So it’s poetry in everything if you look for it.” -Jay-Z, BBC Interview

Hit-Boy | Jay-Z Interview (Produced By B!NK) from House of Hit on Vimeo.

By releasing his first single (with visuals), “Jay-Z Interview,” last month, Hit-Boy dropped his first major indication toward a rap career. And now that hint is in full effect as he keeps revealing upcoming projects like a free album and new single “Old School Caddy” w/ Kid Cudi, which he describes as a ‘modern-day version’ of Outkast‘s lush tracks on Aquemani.

Besides his single, Hit-Boy can be heard on a verse with G.O.O.D’s Cyhi The Prince. The song is called “Entourage”, and is off Cyhi The Prince’s newest mixtape “Ivy League Club.”

Hit-Boy claims to be playing around with the idea of a rap career, but I think it’s just his way of staying low key about it until everything is in motion. As he continues making brisk moves, it’s an exciting time for hip-hop to keep up with Hit-Boy’s rap endeavors, his production company, Hits Since ’87, and his G.O.O.D intentions.

-Celeste (@cellyonthetelly)



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